Spring is here.... time to get the horses in shape for training the dogs ... and get the show dogs tuned up for upcoming shows... now if the gas prices would cooperate, we might make it off the mountain to go somewhere !!!
We have been breeding quality Brittanys for over 40 years and breed only to improve the breed not sell puppies.  
We offer adults, juniors, and puppies from time to time.  Email us for what we have available at this time.  bittersweetbritts@yahoo.com  We are located in Northeastern Arizona and raise our dogs in the cool mountains with access to natural forest training grounds for our hunting dogs, and compete alot of our dogs in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, and Tracking

The snow is melting... and the big winds are here.... but Spring is in the air !!!   Mr Robin is back to help us get the garden prepared... he is in charge of worm patrol.   The dogs are enjoying the warmer sunshine, and waiting for the grass to start growing once again.